NLT Study Bible: A Pictorial Review

NLTSB.jpgHarrison, Sean A., ed.

NLT Study Bible

Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House, 2008. Pp. xl + 2486. Hardcover. $39.99.

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At the request of some fellow bloggers, I have taken some pictures of the NLTSB.  I apologize for the low quality of the photos.  I’m no photographer and I took them all without the flash on so as to avoid having them ruined by glare.  Click the pics to enlarge them.

Front Cover – Spine – Back Cover

Front Cover – Laying Flat – Back Cover

Chapter Intro – B&W Illustration

B&W Map – Color Illustration – Color Map

Laying Flat on Desk

More to come.  In the mean time  check out the NLT Blog as well as the NLTSB Blog.



20 thoughts on “NLT Study Bible: A Pictorial Review

  1. Thanks for the pictures. I found one aspect of your pictures extremely funny, but instead of typing it out i’m going to try to link it as it’s own image (in honor of the theme of this post, naturally).

  2. Well that was more difficult than I expected, but here’s what had me laughing:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this study bible in person. I sent an email to the NLT blog, but never heard back from them one way or the other. I’m assuming they didn’t get my email, or that they didn’t reply because I’m not getting a review copy. Anyways, thanks again Nick.

  3. Same here. I emailed no reply. Which is strange since they seem to be replying to me quite a bit on the blog. Then again I don’t blog that much on translation issues (compared to most of the rest of you).

    I figure you all will beat me to the punch with a study bible review, but around december I want to do a consumer reports style spread sheet of about 30 major study bibles. Its about a 1/3rd of the way done but the 80/20 rule is going to apply and….

    Anyway its looking like a very viable candidate for self directed bible study for teen-adult. Their treatments seem good and they seem to do a nice job of introducing the right sorts of tools and issues.

  4. Nathan: You’re welcome, and that’s too funny! The irony! I didn’t hear back from them after I requested my copy either. I just received it in the mail yesterday with a nice note attached.

    Jeff: Touché!

    CD-Host: Like I said to Nathan, I didn’t get a reply either. So there might still be hope. The spread sheet sounds like a great idea. Can’t wait to see it.

    TC: You’re very welcome. I probably wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t asked. And I like the layout as well. I can’t wait to really dig into the text (I’ve been out most of the day).

  5. Nathan, I had also requested a preview copy, and was curious because I hadn’t heard anything, so I sent another email earlier this week. Laura acknowledged that she received my earlier email, but they had already distributed the preview copies.

    Nick, thanks for the pics and blog review.


  6. TC: Yeah, your request this time seems to have been beneficial.

    Exegete: You’re welcome. Thanks for filling us in about the review copies. I guess everyone’s just going to have to buy one when it’s released (and from all I’ve seen, it’s well worth it!)

  7. Thanks for the initial review, Nick. Very inventive =)

    @CD-Host, Nathan: The number of review copies available to me was in flux somewhat, so it was hard to definitely know who I could or couldn’t send copies to.

  8. I just won one and was looking for pics of it. Nice and big – just the way I like my HB books.

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