Cast Iron

Lately I’ve been thinking back on how I used to argue certain things and how I’d behave when arguing these things. Over the years I’ve come to learn that when you address things in a jerklyTM manner then you’ll be received as a jerk. But I’m getting old and the older I get the less inclined I am to be a jerk. I’m seasoned now (like a cast iron pan passed down from generation to generation) and with this seasoning I’ve learned that I can argue calmly, with respect (real respect, not feigned respect), and in the end be a more effective witness for Christ even if I don’t end up being persuasive in said argument. Hopefully I can keep progressing in this and not go back to my former ways.



2 thoughts on “Cast Iron

  1. I can’t recall every reading you approach someone that way. But, as you say, we are getting older!

  2. Derek: I was thinking back to the early days of my salvation, which were spent debating in AOL chatrooms and “ministering” to people with an attitude of triumphalism. I’m sure if I comb through old comments on the blog there will be some interactions I’d like to take back though.

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