Monotheism & Christology

Last Updated: January 28, 2023

Below you will find links to a number of online resources that will aid you in the study of monotheism and Christology in Second Temple Judaism.  There are also a few articles that deal with monotheism in pre-exilic Judaism. Please report any broken links.

Written Resources

Websites of Interest

  • Bogdan Bucur’s homepage features many of the articles, book chapters, and book reviews he’s written.  Of particular interest to this topic are the articles on angelomorphic pneumatology and christology.
  • Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism.  There are a number of articles of interest to those interested in this subject, especially those listed under theme 22: Divine Mediators Figures: Jewish and Christian Traditions.
  • The Edinburgh Research Archive has a number of articles and books chapters (both published and pre-publication) from Larry Hurtado on this very subject.
  • Michael S. Heiser also has a number of other articles related to the issue at The Divine Council.