Trinitarian Resources

Last Updated: March 16, 2015

Below you will find links to a number of online resources that will aid you in the study of the doctrine of the Trinity.  Please report any broken links.

Written Resources

Audio/Visual Resources

  • 2013 Southern Seminary Theology Conference: Beholding the Wonder of Trinitarian Relations.
  • Bernard, David K. and Gene Cook Jr. “Oneness vs. Trinity.” — Debate (video)
  • Bernard, David K. and James R. White. “Oneness Debate.” — Debate (audio)
  • Bosserman, Brant. “Christianity and a Trinitarian Worldview.” — Lecture (audio)
  • Burke, David and Robert M. Bowman Jr. “The Great Trinity Debate.” — Debate (index w/ commentary)
  • Buzzard, Anthony and Drew Ayers. “Who Was Jesus: God or Man?.” — Debate (audio | video)
  • Buzzard, Anthony and Fred Sanders. “Is God One Person or Three?.” — Debate (audio | transcript)
  • Dolezal, James, et al. “Medieval Trinitarian Thought from Aquinas to Ockham.” — Review (audio)
  • Finnegan, Sean and Brant Bosserman. “Unitarian vs. Trinitarian.” — Debate (audio | video)
  • Finnegan, Sean and Russ Dizdar. “Is God One or Three?.” — Debate (audio)
  • Greer, Lee, et al. and Gabriel Coleangelo, et al. “The Trinity: Truth or Tragedy?.” — Debate (video)
  • Kelly, Douglas, et al. “The God Who Is.” — Panel Discussion (audio)
  • Martin, Walter, Cal Beisner, Nathaniel Urshan and Robert Sabin. “United Pentecostal Church International vs. Christianity” — Debate (video)
  • McCall, Tom, Keith Yandell, Wayne Grudem and Bruce Ware. “Do relations of authority and submission exist eternally among the persons of the godhead?” — Debate (audio | video)
  • Myers, Ben. “Lessons from Augustine’s De Trinitate.” — Lecture (audio index)
  • Patton, Michael. “Session 7: The Doctrine of the Trinity: Historical Development.” — Theology Course (audio | video)
  • Patton, Michael. “Session 8: The Doctrine of the Trinity: Biblical Defense.” — Theology Course (audio | video)
  • Seitz, Christopher R. “The Trinity in the Old Testament: A Canonical Approach” — Lecture (audio)
  • Tipton, Lane G., et al. “Van Til’s Trinitarian Distinctives.” — Panel Discussion (audio)
  • Tipton, Lane G., et al. “Van Til’s Trinitarian Theology.” — Panel Discussion (audio)
  • Trueman, Carl, et al. “A Brief History of Trinitarian Thought.” — Panel Discussion (audio)
  • White, James R. and Robert Sabin. “Trinity vs. Oneness.” — Debate (video)