A Pictorial Review of the Apostolic Fathers

tasb.pngHolmes, Michael W., ed.

The Apostolic Fathers: Greek Texts and English Translations. 3rd ed.

Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2007. Pp. xxv + 805. Hardcover. $44.99.

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As I said the other day, I recently received my copy of The Apostolic Fathers Greek Texts and English Translations, 3rd Ed. and so far I am really pleased.  The book itself is quite compact 6 x 9 coming in at 801 pages.  Like I mentioned before, it’s slightly smaller than the UBS4 Greek New Testament. See the side by side comparison below.

Below are the Westcott-Hort GNT, the UBS4 GNT, the NA27/RSV Greek-English NT, and The Apostolic Fathers, just to give you more of an idea of the actual size.

I’m also in love with the Greek font.  It’s slightly larger than the font in the NA27 and it’s not italicized like the font in the UBS4.  It’s also a little blockier than the font in the W-H while not as thick.  For my eyes it’s a wonderful font.  Below is a picture:

As I thumbed through this volume I came across certain passages in Latin in Polycarp’s Letter to the Philippians, The Shepherd of Hermas, and the Fragments of Papias, and also passages in Arabic, Syriac, and Armenian in the Fragments of Papias.

All in all this is a great volume.  It certainly has me excited about reading the Fathers in a way that the first volume of the ANF series never did.  I shall post more thoughts as I work through it (but no more pics, these things take up a ridiculous amount of space!).



4 thoughts on “A Pictorial Review of the Apostolic Fathers

  1. I just purchased this volume and am quite excited about it. I didn’t realize it would be that easy to carry around!

  2. I’m waiting for it to arrive. It will hopefully be in my hands by the beginning of next week. I’m planning on using it to find a topic to write on for my early Christianity class.

  3. Mapoulos: You’ll love it when you get it, I’m sure! Let me know when you find the topic you’re going to cover. I’m interested to hear what it will be.

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