Man Kills Parents with Gardening Hoe

ABC News reports that 24 year-old James A. Soares was charged with killing his parents with a gardening hoe and burying them in their backyard cesspool.  This is a terrible tragedy indeed, but it makes me wonder if the folks who decry gun rights will equally decry farming tool rights.  For the sake of consistency I hope they will. 



3 thoughts on “Man Kills Parents with Gardening Hoe

  1. Farming tools don’t kill people. People with farming tools kill people.

    Actually, in all seriousness, the whole thing is a little more problematical than you appear to allow. After all, farming tools are made for a purpose other than violence (even if they can be used violently). Guns, on the other hand, exist solely in relationship to violence. So, one could own a farming tool, and not own a gun, and there would be no inconsistency.

    Indeed, one’s farming tools could even be made from gun parts! That, I think, would be consistent with the prophetic vision of beating swords into plowshares (cf. Isaiah, Micah, and Joel).

  2. Dan: That’s simply not true of guns. Sport shooting has nothing to do with violence. A skeet (i.e., clay disc) or target (stationary or moving) is not a victim of gun violence, and there are specific shotguns and rifles made for sport shooting. I don’t even think that animals that are shot can be said to be vicitims of gun violence (any more than a plant could be considered the victim of hoe violence). So certain guns are made for purposes other than violence (and let us not forget flare guns and starter pistols, which can be used wrongly to kill people).

    Now of course there are firearms that are made for the express purpose of killing humans, but when they do kill the problem isn’t with the gun, it’s with the owner. So while your first sentence was said in jest, it expresses the simple fact of the matter, people kill people…

  3. Guns were invented as a weapon to kill people. They became ‘useful’ to kill animals too, and considered ‘sport’. Improving one’s aim to ensure the kill was achieved by developing practice methods with targets and clay discs. Starter pistols just go bang. Lots of things go bang – drums go bang. You must be joking with flare guns as a justification for killing guns. Guns are primarily for killing. There – I’ve vented. You’ll continue to believe what you want to believe and so will I. Dan rocks.:-)

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