Rotten Tomatoes 25 Best Vampire Movies

I have to say that I agree with a lot of the movies on their list although my list featured some flicks that didn’t make theirs, but why on earth is I Am Legend on there?  At best those were zombies, not vampires.  Head on over and check it out.


16 thoughts on “Rotten Tomatoes 25 Best Vampire Movies

  1. “And although some selections included here (like I Am Legend) may seem to stretch the criteria, they still maintain the classic trappings of vampire lore, from blood-drinking to a distaste for sunny days.”

    The list is kind of weird because it’s the best reviewed vampire flicks of all time and has a number of criteria that are weighted, including number of years out, and over 20 reviews. I wonder if Rotten Tomatoes really think those are their favorite vampire movies.

    I was surprised to see Twilight on the list. I’m sure my wife might agree that it should go there but, seriously, it’s not a good vampire movie.

    Bryan L

  2. Bitsy-

    Absolutely, much better. I had hopes for Smith’s version when I heard it was coming out… but was ultimately disappointed. They did great with the atmosphere, and over all it was an ok movie, but yeah… much better in the book, and I’m still waiting for a good adaptation.

  3. Bitsy: I see. If that’s the case then the movie did a horrible job of portraying that.

    Bryan: I’d guess yes, but only because the people who are official reviewers for them have weird taste in what’s good. I was surprised to see Twilight on there too since I didn’t think it was a good vampire movie. It was okay as far as teenie bopper dramas go.

    Bryan: You’re talking about I Am Legend right? I saw two endings on the DVD and I didn’t much care for either one.

  4. I don’t know how any ending as the movie was would have come out really good. I went and found the alternative and didn’t especially like it either, but I did think it was the better of the two.

    In the book, the creatures were intelligent – not just instinctual. Neville knew who some of them had been before they changed. He had worked with them. They taunted him. The dog part of the story line was also different. I hate to say too much more in case you read it. It’s just a long short story if you get your hands on it. It’s well worth the read.

    BBC radio had a dramatization of it, but it looks like it’s run it’s course. darn.

  5. I really must like vampire movies, I have most that were on that list. Just finished watching Twilight. It was good, mostly watched it because I wanted to see the new one coming out this month.

  6. Robert: Twilight was okay for what it was, but I can’t with confidence call it a vampire flick. For one, the vampires aren’t much like vampires at all. But really it was a romantic teen drama that had vampires in it. My sister wants me to go see the new one with her. I don’t know if I feel like paying money to see it though. I’d be okay to wait for the DVD.

  7. Robert: Yeah, vegetarian vampires make no sense to me. At least Blade had a serum that he took to fight off the urge to drink blood. But he always ended up in a pool of blood anyway, so we know that he drank it. ;-)

  8. Nick, I think I’m gonna read the story again. It’s running together with the movie :D

    Vegetarian vampires! I don’t even like being a vegetarian human. I’m partial to vampires too, but not the Twilight ones.

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