7 thoughts on “The Final Shipment

  1. Once again, beauty itself!

    And speaking of pictures of books, what are the two books between Brown’s Heresies and Parvis and Foster’s Justin Martyr in your header picture?

  2. Esteban: And what’s more beautiful is the heavily doscounted price because of the minimal damage to the dust jackets!

    Those books are:

    Prestige, G. L. Fathers and Heretics: Six Studies in Dogmatic Faith with Prologue and Epilogue. London: SPCK, 1968.

    McGoldrick, James. Christianity and Its Competitors: The New Faces of Old Heresy. Scotland: Christian Focus, 2006.

  3. Well Mr Nick, you are making my mouth water…..I do not know why even the idea of getting new books does that to me.

    FYI, to another fellow who is addicted to christianbook.com, the three books I have asked my mother, father, and sister for this Christmas are:

    1) Exploring the Origins of the Bible: Canon Formation in Historical, Literary, and Theological Perspective

    2) The New Testament in Antiquity: A Survey of the New Testament within it’s Cultural Context


    3) In the Shadow of Empire: Reclaiming the Bible as a History of Faithful Resistance

    I am most excited about the Orgins of the Canon book. Mostly beacuse of annoyances like The Da Vinci Code so much confusion has been created with respect to things like the Canon issue.

    Plus, one of the authors is my personal hero, Dr. Craig Evans! Anything that comes from him is simply pure scholarly Gold! But Shadow of Empire also looks great. It discusses how both the Old and New Testament books developed against pagan cultural backdrops like Babylon and Rome.

    See what you have done to my head?!

  4. Derek: I know why… because you’re a book addict!!! And those first two books (especially the first) look awesome! I can’t find a description about the third on Amazon so I’ll reserve judgment. But yeah, Craig Evans is one of my favorite scholars as well. I can’t wait for that book to come out.

  5. Shame on you for positivley-reinforcing my addiction!

    I once commented that if I had to choose b/w McDonald’s food and living through a horrible death, I would pick McDonald’s. :)

    I just hope no one ever takes my family hostage and tells me they will let them go if I give up my Apostolic Fathers set…….

    I suddenly feel so ashamed….

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