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I Was Just Reminded that I’m a Prophet

I was looking through old blog posts for something or another and I came across my post “The Fruit of Impatience” dated August 31, 2010 in which I note how I printed Chris Tilling’s doctoral dissertation and had it bound for use when I was away from the computer.

In a comment to that post dated September 1, 2010 I said the following to Chris himself:

“Chris: I’ll be hugely honored when I receive my FREE autographed copy of the published edition! ;-) If you need a proofreader to take a look at your revisions you know where to send them. Also, which publishers do you have in mind? I think it’s a natural fit for WUNT for it would go good anywhere. You might even consider foregoing the prestige of an expensive monograph series and publish it with Eerdmans or someone else affordable so us common folk can get our hands on it. ;-)”

On March 31, 2012 Tilling announced that he was publishing with Mohr Siebeck. I shared the news of that announcement and mocked up what I thought the book would look like given the assumption (or prophetic premonition) that it would be a WUNT II volume.

Fast forward to July 14, 2012 when I shared the news that Mohr Siebeck had informed me that they’d be sending a copy of Tilling’s soon to be released monograph for review. Guess what series it was published in? WUNT II. Fulfillment numero uno.

Then on November 23, 2014 I shared a video of an interview that Rachel Bomberger conducted with Chris about his soon to be released book. Guess who Rachel worked for? Eerdmans. Guess what book was soon to be released? Paul’s Divine Christology. Fulfillment numero dos.

And on May 21, 2015 I noted ordering the Eerdmans edition and then on May 25, 2015 I noted its arrival.



Dueling Series

If I may give a brief summary of how Peter Enns’ “Aha Moments” series and Michael Kruger’s “Does the Bible Ever Get It Wrong?” series read to me.

Enns’ Series: I came to the Bible with the wrong idea about how the Bible should be. Now I know better. I’m so bright.

Kruger’s Series: The Bible’s not wrong. You are. You should have considered that you were wrong before you lost your faith.


In the Mail (or, for the love of God, no more endnotes!)

Eerdmans was good enough to send along a copy of Michael Graves’ The Inspiration and Interpretation of Scripture: What the Early Church Can Teach Us for review. I’ve flipped through it and discovered endnotes, which immediately makes me want to rip pages 148-181 out! I thought we were past this!

When, publishers, will you accept the fact that everyone who has ever learned to read hates endnotes with a hatred as intense as the beam of light from a thousand burning suns that shines through a magnifying glass the size of the frozen lake that Superman used to save the day at the nuclear power plant in Superman III?!!


But to the fine folks at Eerdmans I say, thanks again, I’ll read the first 147 pages with much pleasure, until of course, I come across a superscripted number, at which time I’ll murmur obscenities under my breath and curse the day the printing press was invented.


Because It Never Gets Old

Clarence: “Ya know, Sweets, I met Dr. Martin Luther King once.

Sweets: “You lyin’! You ain’t never met Dr. Martin Luther King.

Clarence: “Yeah, I met Dr. Martin Luther King in 1962 in Memphis, Tennessee. I’m walkin’ down the street, mindin’ my own business, just walkin’ along, feelin’ good. I walk around a corner. A man walk up, hit me in my chest, right? I fall on the ground, right? And I look up, and it’s Dr. Martin Luther King! I said, ‘Dr. King!’ He said, ‘Oops, I thought you was somebody else.’ 

Sweets: “Aw, man, you lyin’. You ain’t never met Martin Luther, the King!

Clarence: “Knocked the wind outta me! Yes, he did!

Sweets: “No, he didn’t!

Clarence: “Yes, he did!

Sweets: “No, he did not!


Stupid Questions

The old saying goes, “There’s no such thing as stupid questions; just stupid answers.” I’m afraid that this is incorrect. For years teachers have been lying to students in repeating this nonsense. I can think of one stupid question that I’ve been asked repeatedly, and it annoys me more every time I’m asked it. People will call me on my home phone number and proceed to ask me where I’m at. Umm… That, my friends, is a stupid question! And trust me, there are scores of others!