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Baylor & Christology

I’ve just spent the better part of the morning perusing Amazon’s “Prime Day” deals (with no interest in anything they have on sale) and in so doing I’ve learned that Baylor University Press is rereleasing some important volumes on Christology.

The first is Charles A. Gieschen’s Angelomorphic Christology: Antecedents and Early Evidence (Library of Early Christianity). This is slated for release at the end of this month. Considering that third party sellers on Amazon are selling the original hardcover version for over $500 I think that $40 is a steal!

Next up is the incredibly important collection of essays The Jewish Roots of Christological Monotheism: Papers from the St Andrews Conference on the Historical Origins of the Worship of Jesus (Library of Early Christianity)The Jewish Roots of Christological Monotheism edited by Carey Newman and James Davila. This is also set for release at the end of this month and the price is right at $40 as compared to the over $200 price tag from sellers of the original.

Carey Newman’s Paul’s Glory-Christology: Tradition and Rhetoric (Library of Early Christianity) has the same price tag and same release date.

Finally, Larry Hurtado has a collection of essays (750 pages in total!) being published in September entitled Ancient Jewish Monotheism and Early Christian Jesus-Devotion: The Context and Character of Christological Faith (Library of Early Christianity).

While I have most, if not all, of the essays being published in the Hurtado volume in either digital or print formats it will be nice to have them all bound together. I’ll definitely be ordering the Gieschen and Newman volumes as well. Newman’s has eluded me for years. I have a PDF of Gieschen’s but it’s a scan and not the best quality. Still, real books are better than PDFs any day of the week!

I should note that these are all part of Baylor’s Library of Early Christianity series, which I just learned about this morning. I can’t wait to see what else they release!



Just Ordered

I just took advantage of Baylor University Press’s 50% off sale (available titles here – use code BJUN at checkout) and got the following books:

Reading Backwards: Figural Christology and the Fourfold Gospel Witness by Richard B. Hays

Gratitude: An Intellectual History by Peter J. Leithart

Jesus and the Demise of Death – Resurrection, Afterlife, and the Fate of the Christian by Matthew Levering

The Betrayal of Charity: The Sins that Sabotage Divine Love by Matthew Levering

Beyond Bultmann: Reckoning a New Testament Theology edited by Bruce W. Longenecker and Mikeal C. Parsons

There were many others that interested me but not so much that I had to pull the trigger on them. Who knows though, the weekend is young.


In the Mail

I noted on Twitter the other day that Wesley Hill’s Paul and the Trinity was on sale for $16.06 on Amazon. I pulled the trigger on Sunday and bought a copy. It came in yesterday. I haven’t unboxed it yet but I will do so today and add it to the collection. I wish I would have waited though because I see that it’s available for $15.60 today! Doesn’t seem like much but 46 cents is 46 cents!


A Great Greek Bible for Cheap

I found out the other day that I was dropped from CBD’s affiliate program. I went to create a link and was informed that my account was “inactive.” Oh well. I guess that happens when you don’t keep up with things. Anyway, I’m still a fan of the company and their services so I thought to let my readers know that the UBS Greek New Testament: A Reader’s Edition with Textual Notes is available for a paltry $9.99 + S&H.

My church purchased a copy of this very edition for me more than a year ago and I can say that it is exquisite. I offered a mini-review of it when I initially received it and my love for this edition has not waned. It exceeds the original (which I have also reviewed here) in every way. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy while this price remains and supplies last. And just know that I’m making nothing off of this deal. My satisfaction comes from knowing that people got their hands on a great resource for cheap.


Kindle Deal!

Ed Komoszewski informed me last night that Amazon will be selling the Kindle version of Putting Jesus in His Place for $1.99 from March 25-April 1 to coincide with the release of Bart Ehrman’s new book How Jesus Became God.

If you don’t have a copy of PJIHP then I’d highly recommend taking advantage of this deal. It’s a fantastic book that makes a strong case for the deity of Christ based on the cumulative evidence of the New Testament. My multi-part review can be accessed here.

It’s also extremely well suited for teaching purposes. I taught a five week course at my church a few years ago based on material from the book (here are the notes if anyone is interested).

So bookmark this post or check back in a few days when I make the announcement again. Whatever you have to do to get this book for $1.99, do it! You won’t regret it, I promise!