In the Mail

After my brother-from-another-mother Fr Esteban Vásquez gave me some tips to improve upon my Amazon searching I’ve gone crazy with book purchases. On Sunday I received four new volumes and on Monday I received another 10. I will list them in due time but I have to preface this by saying that I saved a lot of money. A whole lot.

Tuesday brought another couple of volumes but one of those was the prize from a contest held by Jim West. The rules for the contest were as follows: “You tell me in comments below why you deserve the book and why you love Zwingli more than you love your own spouse and children.” In my entry I said, “I’d drown an entire flock of Anabaptists for this volume. My wife and kids are Anabaptists. Therefore…” Therefore I won!

Okay, so here’s a list of the books I got along with their retail prices versus what I paid for them and my savings.


Retail Price

My Price


Filling up the Measure




The Message of Acts in Codex Bezae (vol 4)




The Christology of Hans Küng




The Testing of Jesus in Q




The Micah Story




Let Your Peace Come Upon It




The Marcan Portrayal of the “Jewish” Unbeliever




Beyond Vengeance and Protest




Talking About God




Rejection by God




The Gospel of Paul




Conflict and Authority in Luke 19:47 to 21:4




Theodoret of Cyrus on Romans 11:26




David, Solomon and Egypt




Legitimation in the Letter to the Hebrews




The Anecdote in Mark, the Classical World and the Rabbis




Pauline Persuasion




Verbal Aspect, the Indicative Mood, and Narrative









3 thoughts on “In the Mail

  1. What can I say: you are most welcome! Even if you misspell my last name. Don’t worry, I have already asked God not to hold this sin to your account.

    I must admit that I too have spent a little bit of money this past month and half or so, but I mean, how could I not? If a book is $260 and you see it on sale for $8, how do you not buy it?

    Also, how did I miss Jim’s giveaway?! This is what I get for being a priest and busy with Christmas. I must repent from my carelessness and rededicate my life to book hunting this New Year. Amen.

  2. Cliff: Advanced search.

    Estaben: My sincerest apologies! It must have been an autocorrect. I would never misspell your name!

    As to your logic, it is sound. I’m not gonna not save $200 on a book every time the opportunity presents itself. It would be irresponsible.

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