Not So Random Thought

I was just looking through one of my hard drives and found a folder of ebooks. iBooks allows you to upload the epub files so I added all that I had. One of the books was a MacArthur Study Bible. I went to 1 Corinthians 12-14 and perused some of the notes and it always amazes me how he seems to lose his exegetical marbles when anything remotely charismatic comes up. His comments are unconvincing to say the least. I just can’t wrap my head around how he can be such a faithful and consistent interpreter of the Scriptures elsewhere and then have this huge blindspot here. What happened to Johnny Mac to make him oppose the things of the Spirit so much? I guess only him and God know…


2 thoughts on “Not So Random Thought

  1. Have you read (or heard of) Tom Schreiner’s new book “Spiritual Gifts: What They Are And Why They Matter”? He also takes a cessationist view, but is at least thoroughly knowledgeable of Greek. I attend the same church as Tom, and someone from church said that that at a Men’s Bible study, Tom also said that MacArthur’s exegesis isn’t good. So, Tom disagrees with MacArthur on a number of points, but is still a cessationist. Albeit, he does admit in his book that he doesn’t have any slam dunk arguments. Continuationists do have good arguments too, which he admits.

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