I started reading Scott and Kimberly Hahn’s conversion story Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism and in the opening chapter Scott tells a story in which he stopped by to see an old friend at random and caught his friend on the way out of the house. After a few hours of catching up Scott said that he noticed he had his jacket on and was leaving when he walked up to the house and asked him where he was going. His friend pulled out some rope from his jacket and said that he was on his way to hang himself. Scott’s visit had saved his friend’s life. What seemed like a random visit was divinely orchestrated.

This story is actually a familiar one. I manage a barbershop; my pastor owns it. A guy came in for a cut one day and as he sat in my pastor’s chair they got to talking and he basically said that doesn’t believe in religion and that he’s heard all the arguments for God and doesn’t find them convincing. He asked my pastor to make his case. His case basically went like this: “I know God.” The guy said something and my pastor’s response was, “I’m not telling you what I believe; I’m telling you that I know him.” He proceeded to give his testimony, which opened the door for him to minister to the guy concerning different things in his life.

When it was all said and done the gentleman paid and then asked to speak to my pastor outside. He broke down in tears and told him that this was actually the haircut was getting for his funeral. He was planning on killing himself. He’s now been a regular customer for nearly a year and he’s not talking about how he doesn’t buy into religion anymore. Again, what seemed like a random encounter was divinely orchestrated. He could have gotten his hair cut anywhere. He could have sat down with another barber that day. But God, who knows the end from the beginning, knew just where to put him and just what he needed to hear.

To God be the glory!



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