Life Update

I’m not sure if anyone still reads this blog. I wouldn’t know how one would these days. Is Feedly still a thing? Do people keep up with RSS feeds anymore? I imagine that those who still follow me on Twitter might see a link to this pop up once I post it. But anyway…

So I’ve been up to a lot. I met a beautiful young woman last year and we began dating but knew almost immediately that we were meant for one another. So last week, yes, seven days ago today, I married this beautiful creature. We enjoyed a lovely honeymoon on a cruise and arrived home this Friday past. We’ve spent the weekend getting the house ready for cohabitation. There’s still plenty to do! Just today my lovely bride and her two daughters moved in with me and my daughter. So I am now living with four, I repeat FOUR women! It’s going to be a wild ride!

That’s the big news. In smaller matters I’m still the associate pastor of my church New Hope Fellowship. I’m still earning a living as a barber/barbershop manager. We’ve since moved our business location a few doors down in the same plaza. I like the new space much better.

I have moved all of the books out of my bedroom and into my office, which I plan to convert into more of a library than an office, although it will still have a desk and my computer(s). Although I haven’t made much time to read anything other than the Bible I’ve still been purchasing books. I hope when things settle down and I have the house the way that I want it I’ll be able to start reading regularly and perhaps even set aside some time to blog about what I’ve been reading.

I’ve seen a ton of movies since I’ve last been active on the interwebs but I doubt I’ll have much to say about any of them. Maybe one day I’ll bang out a quick movie notes post. But yeah, that’s about it. Work, marriage, family, church, house. Not much else happening. I’m looking forward to all that God has in store. And of course I’ll be posting pictures once the library is complete!




16 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Congratulations! I still pop in here to see if you’ve read anything fun. Always will unless you close this thing up!

  2. Congrats Nick! This is not news to my wife, but I will say that since I got married 4 years ago, my reading got cut down drastically. Sounds like you’re experiencing the same. But marriage is an absolutely joy and wouldn’t trade it for anything, even more reading time :-)

  3. <3 ! <3 ! WOW ! <3 !

    Congratulations Nick, that is so exciting and I'm very happy for you guys. Will pray for your transition and new family dynamic. God bless!

  4. Congratulations! One word of advice for your newly minted marriage: don’t let your wonderful bride convince you to get rid of “the books you never read.”

    Box them up and store them in the basement if you must, just don’t get rid of them!

    You may find, as Michael said above, that you don’t have as much time to read them, but they are still valuable, or rather, invaluable.

  5. Congratulations. I know you from only one post about bad Bible translations, but I was intrigued enough to click your name and this popped up. You seem a kindred spirit and an interesting cat. Have a great marriage/ life/ visit to the shrink (house full of women! Joke.)

  6. Congrats and blessings on the next chapter. Found your blog a year or so ago momentarily but am back to read more. Thanks!

    Tom Belt

  7. I still read it, but I wasn’t online much as after a series of crazy events, my wife eventually brought our daughter into the world. Congrats on your new daughters, man!

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