On Recent Events

I have a lot to say about the recent police shootings that have happened but I won’t say it here. I will say two simple things:

  1. Police officers, in most circumstances, can subdue suspects without taking their lives. Discharging a firearm should be the last resort and an action that should be taken only if another’s life is immediately in danger.
  2. Suspects need to cooperate with police officers, which means no resisting arrest as well as not reaching for anything unless instructed to do so. I’m convinced that if this were the case then there would be less deaths at the hands of police officers.

I would also like to add that I don’t much care for the rhetoric of “murder” being used so carelessly in each and every one of these cases. At times the police officers are guilty of murder, but more often than not they’ve simply killed someone, which is tragic, but not murder in and of itself.

That is all.



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