Closed Windows

As I’ve become more and more accustomed to OS X I’ve required Windows less and less. The truth is that I really never used it much on my Macs. I was running Windows in Parallels in order to use a couple of programs, namely Microsoft Word, Audacity, PowerChurch Plus, and BibleWorks 9.

Now I had Word for Mac and it was terrible. I think it was the 2010 or 2011 version but I honestly can’t remember. All I know is that it looked terrible and the functionality sucked. It was nothing like the Word I knew and loved from Windows. So I used my Windows version in Parallels with no issue. But the new version of Word for Mac is a genuine pleasure to use. It looks great and the integration with OneDrive is unbelievably convenient as I use Word on multiple computers and platforms (i.e., OS X and iOS). So Word in Windows was no longer necessary.

For about a year my personal MacBook Pro was also my church’s main computer. I was running all of our A/V stuff on my machine as well as keeping track of the church’s finances. I used Audacity to record sermons and PowerChurch Plus to keep record of everyone’s giving. Audacity was available for Mac but for whatever reason I had a buggy copy. It would crash every time I opened it so I decided to just download it for Windows and run it in Parallels. Well, I decided after quite some time to give it another try and I ended up with a stable version so I no longer needed it in Windows. PowerChurch Plus is still just for Windows (at least the copy we have) but the church now has its own MacBook Pro so there’s no need for me to use it on my personal computer.

And finally, there’s BibleWorks 9. This was the one program that led me to get Parallels and put Windows on my computer in the first place. I love BibleWorks, I really do. I used to use it daily in my studies and I used it for years with great profit. But when I got the Mac Accordance sent me a copy for review and over time I’ve come to use Accordance regularly and BibleWorks only occasionally. It grew to the point where I wasn’t using BibleWorks at all. Sad but true.

So in the end, I don’t need Windows these days. At least not on any of my Macs. I still have my old Toshiba running (I use it to download items and scan them for viruses). And for this reason I decided to remove it from my MacBook Pro. It was taking up nearly 60GB of space that I could be using for other applications and storage. So I guess the saying is true, when one Windows closes another door opens… or something like that.



2 thoughts on “Closed Windows

  1. I LOVE my Mac (my work computer), but holy s*#@ do I hate Word on it–it sucks! Unfortunately, I do alot of work on Word so I have no choice. However, I put up with it because everything else is so great. I have BibleWorks 10, which runs on Mac now, and it works perfectly. I haven’t used Accordance much because I haven’t had time to learn it, so I just use BW–maybe one of these days I’ll learn how to use it. I remember when I couldn’t understand the fuss over Macs, but I’ll admit I’ve come around.

  2. Jason: If I had BW10 and it ran natively on Mac then I’d use it in a heartbeat. Accordance is great though. Just as powerful and more customizable in terms of the way you can arrange your windows and save workspaces. I really like it. As far as Macs go, I love mine, but I’m not trying to convert anyone over. Whatever works is okay by me.

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