Movie Notes

It’s been quite some time since I’ve commented on any movies so without further ado, here are some abbreviated notes on the flicks I’ve seen lately.

The Revenant – Best movie I’ve seen in a long time. It’s not fast-paced in any sense of the term but there’s non-stop action throughout. DiCaprio deserves an Oscar for this one.

The Hateful Eight – Classic Tarantino. Witty, over-the-top dialogue, and an out of sequence telling of events that I’ve come to know and love from this director. It’s almost like a more brutal Clue.

The Heist – If I could get this hour and a half back I would. I can’t understand how a movie with Robert De Niro and Morris Chestnut along with Gina Carano and Jeffery Dean Morgan could be so terrible. It’s a story we’ve seen countless times and it’s told very poorly.

Creed – If you’ve seen the original Rocky then you’ve seen Creed, which isn’t a knock on this gripping drama. It’s a good flick but not nearly as family friendly as the other installments in the franchise. I honestly thought the excessive cursing was unnecessary.

Deadpool – Almost the most disappointing movie from the Marvel franchise that I’ve seen to date. There’s two scenes in the entire movie and neither of them are particularly good. They touted the R rating as something that would make for a better movie but in the end, it just allowed them a lot of vulgarity that didn’t add a ton to what can be best described as a moderately funny superhero movie. Honestly, I’d watch Kick-Ass any day of the week before watching this again.

The Fantastic FourThis was the most disappointing Marvel movie I’ve ever seen. I didn’t understand why’d they reboot this one so soon (just like I didn’t understand why they did it with Spider-Man) and I can’t for the life of me understand why they’d do another origins movie. But that aside, it was a lame story with mediocre acting, and next to no action.

The Big Short – This was the most challenging film I’ve seen in a long time. Challenging in the sense that it really made me think and it was somewhat hard to follow (in terms of who the good and bad guys were). It’s about the housing collapse of a few years ago and how Wall Street investors were able to predict what was going to happen and the way in which they took advantage of it. The acting was incredible, the story was compelling, and it honestly left me wanting to watch it again just so I could have a better understanding of what happened back then.

Dirty Grandpa – Mildly funny. It’s not like we haven’t seen a million movies like this already. Efron and De Niro haven’t reinvented the genre and they haven’t added anything significant to it either.

Daddy’s Home – Another mildly funny comedy. I’ve come to expect more from both Wahlberg and Ferrell, especially since they were so great together in The Other Guys.

Straight Outta Compton – I was surprised at how well they told NWA’s story and at how good the acting and overall production of this movie was. Some complained that they made Dr. Dre appear tougher and Eazy-E softer than they actually were, but I haven’t heard the folks who lived through it complaining about that.

The Martian – One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I watched it twice, back-to-back, on Christmas day. I can’t say that I’ve ever watched a movie two times in a row! This had the right balance of humor, drama, suspense, and action. I can’t wait to watch it again!

Burnt – A chef in search of a three Michelin star rating goes to extremes to get it. I understand that world, and I think the film captures the pressures and abuses that exists in the fine dining kitchen, but I didn’t feel like they told a cohesive story here. It seemed incomplete and disjointed.

Sicario – A lame revenge film that’s pretty boring every step of the way until we get to the actual revenge, which comes in the last scene.

Everest – A great drama that’s based on a true story that shows humans at both their best and worst.

I’m sure I’ve seen others but they didn’t leave a lasting impression.



3 thoughts on “Movie Notes

  1. Since I don’t see movies much anymore, I always like these posts. I’ve wanted to see The Revenant and The Martian for a while and now I do even more. One of my buddies that he listened to The Martian on audio book and said it was phenomenal.

  2. I agree, the Martian was an instant top twenty movie for me. I can’t wait to watch it again either. My most recent movie was The Homesman… It is dark and haunting, and has really powered right through me. I’m not sure who I would recommend it to, but it definitely hit me hard and has me in the mood to read the book it was based on. I’ll have to look out for some of the others you’ve mentioned.

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