Just Ordered

So here’s the deal…

First, my church has been going through Jesus’ parables for a couple of months now in Bible study so when I saw that John Meier’s latest volume in his A Marginal Jew series was on the parables I really wanted to get it. Amazon has it for $46+ and I thought that a little steep. So I’ve been holding off in hopes that the price would drop.

Second, in thinking about the most recent volume I’ve been reminded that I still need to add volume 2 to my library. Once again I went to Amazon only to discover that it was prohibitively expensive. We’re talking over $80! They had used copies for over $40 but I refuse to pay that much for something with writing in it.

Third, I turned to CBD because it’s been a while since I’ve been there. I saw that they had volume 5 for $41, which was better, but the shipping made it more expensive. I then saw that they had volume 2 for $42, which appealed to me greatly! So I added both to my cart. The only issue was the cost of shipping and the fact that volume 2 wouldn’t ship until next month.

Fourth, I searched online to see if CBD was running any promotions. They were! I found a free shipping code and applied it. I was going to be getting the two volumes for around $84. Still pricey but better than Amazon by a sight.

Fifth, before I checked out I decided to check CBD’s slightly imperfect stock to see if they had anything else worth adding to the cart.  Guess what? I found that they had volume 2 for $10 less than the new volume! And it was in stock! So I swapped that out and saved $10 right there.

Sixth, I was ready to check out but as I kept clicking I saw a copy of Harold Attridge’s collection of Essays on John and Hebrews for $10 so I added that to the cart and came back to the same total of $84 but with an extra book and a copy of Meier’s second volume that’s ready to ship now.

Not a bad deal.


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