The Woman was First?

A coworker of mine has taken to saying that the African woman is God. He’s entitled to his opinion, wrong as it may be, but he keeps repeating that the Abrahamic religions have fabricated a story based on patriarchy. It seems that because they didn’t value women and wanted to keep them oppressed that they invented the story of the first man and the helpmeet that was taken from his side.

My coworker says that anyone with common sense knows that everything had to come from a woman because we all have mothers and no man has ever harbored life within him. My response, based on my limited understanding of the reproductive physiology of humans, is that the man possesses both an X and a Y chromosome while the woman possesses two X chromosomes. Hence the gender of a child is determined by the father because the father possesses both chromosomes.

So wouldn’t common sense tell us that a story like that of the first man (let’s call him Adam) and the woman (let’s call her Eve) taken from his side isn’t all that unlikely. And let’s assume for the sake of argument that this is simply a tale, a myth intended to convey a general idea rather than a specific story about two historical people. Wouldn’t common sense tell us that such a mythical account still makes sense on the basis that the first man had both genders within him the whole time?

Makes sense to me and I’m pretty common.


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