Just Ordered

I’ve started my Christmas shopping and in the midst of getting gifts for others I decided to make a few purchases for myself. This morning I ordered an Apple Magic Trackpad 2 (from B&H), which is way overpriced, but something I need for my workflow. I tried pairing my existing Magic Trackpad with my iMac but no matter how many times I tell the MacBook Pro to forget it and no matter how many times I try to pair it with the iMac, it just won’t work. That’s fine though as I really do need a trackpad for both machines. I’m happy that this one is rechargeable since I go through batteries like crazy (I do use rather cheap Kodak batteries though, so that’s most likely why).

I also ordered the newest Apple TV because I want to be able to stream movies from my computer to my television. I also like that I’ll no longer be limited to watching HBOGO and SHOWTIME on my iPad. Those were my main reasons for buying it. I already have a smart TV with apps for Netflix and Amazon Prime, but they’re clunky and not so easy to navigate with my TV’s remote control. I like that the new Apple TV has Siri built in and I can voice search what I want to watch. If/when I get a 4K TV I’ll most likely upgrade to an Nvidia Shield and give the Apple TV to my daughter who relies on her PS3 for her entertainment streaming needs.

And finally, I took advantage of Amazon’s HOLIDAY30 discount, which applies a 30% saving up to $10 on any physical book of your choice. After a brief consultation with Michael Barber on Twitter I ended up ordering Brant Pitre’s Jesus and the Last Supper, which was initially nearly $42 but after applying the discount and some rewards points from my Amazon Visa ended up only costing me $23.77 after tax. Not a bad deal!

Can’t wait until this all comes in, and thankfully, I won’t have to! The B&H order arrives tomorrow and Pitre’s book on Wednesday! Thank God for fast and free shipping!



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