Just Ordered

So I got the new iMac, right. Okay, well and good. It’s display is glorious and I’ve only got it set at the 2560 x 1440 resolution. The 5k is way sharper than anything I need and makes everything minuscule anyway. To the left of the iMac is a 23″ Acer monitor that was linked to the church’s 13″ MacBook Pro as a second display as well as my Toshiba Satellite Pro as the main display since the laptop screen died on me quite some time ago.

I don’t use the church computer enough to need a second display. I really have it just for doing the multimedia stuff on Sundays and Wednesdays and logging in the offerings, which requires little more than data input twice a week. So the second display wasn’t really necessary. I hope you’re following me. I’m going somewhere. I promise. Alright, so, I decided to hook the 23″ Acer monitor up to the iMac as a second display. The truth is that my workflow is such that I require two displays. I’ve been working like this for more than a year with my MacBook Pro hooked up to dual 24″ Dell monitors.

Still with me? Good. Okay, so I discovered that while I have way more pixels with the gorgeous 27″ iMac display, I still needed another monitor to handle the stuff I do. I thought the Acer would suffice. Problem is, it doesn’t. The discrepancy in size is annoying to start. But the way the new desk is set up also presents a problem since the monitors are right next to each other and positioned straight across. They really need to be angled inward to be useful to me.

Am I making sense? I hope so. Let’s continue… So I decided that I need another 27″ monitor. I would have loved to get a 1440p Dell monitor but I didn’t want to spend over $500 on one. So I opted to go with a 1080p Dell display. I chose the 27″version of the 24″ monitors I already have. It was an easy choice since I already know how great these displays are and how much I love them. I got a good deal from NewEgg and it will be here today.

The 23″ Acer is going to my daughter so she can plug her ChromeBook into it at her desk and have a second monitor or even use it as her main display. The church’s MacBook might have to come down off of the Rain Design mStand and simply be rested on the desk in clamshell mode if there’s not enough room to accommodate everything. We’ll have to see what’s possible. But the great thing about the monitor I chose is that I’ll be able to have the iMac, MacBook, and Toshiba all plugged into it and toggle through the systems at my leisure! Can’t wait.

Thanks for listening. Until next time…



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