New Desk

It was only like a year-and-a-half ago that I got a new desk. This one had bookshelves built in all over the place and it was glorious. But then I got another desk that I positioned opposite this one. That one was home to my new laptop and dual (actually triple when I first got it) monitor setup. Neither picture tells the full tale of how the two functioned together but this one might help you to understand what’s been going on.

This was cool for a good while. But then I got the laptop for the church and I put that on the right side of the wooden desk, which in turn covered up valuable books and left me no space on the right side to do anything. I could have lived with that. But then I got an iMac and I had that on the left side of the desk. That also covered up books but it was way too big to go there. I had to do something!

So I took a trip to IKEA yesterday, and after a very unpleasant shopping experience, I came home with a new desk. This meant disassembling the wooden one and assembling the new one. That was all easy enough. Then came the task of rearranging things and attending to cable management, because let’s face it, nobody wants to see a bunch of cables hanging out freely. So I got all that done and here’s the final result.


Now I’ll be the first to admit that there’s a symmetry issue, but allow me to explain. The 23″ Acer monitor in the middle is hooked up to my old Toshiba Satellite Pro, which is sitting on top of the filing cabinet beneath the desk. It also serves as the secondary display for the 13″ MacBook Pro that is on the left atop the Rain Design mStand. In order to manage the cables in the most satisfactory was I know how, I had to put those exactly where they are. That left the right side for the iMac. I’d prefer to have the iMac toward the middle (a little right of middle actually, but that’s because the filing cabinet is down there). But in all, I’m pleased. This will evolve over time, of course, but it works (really well actually!) for now.



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