Just Ordered

Flipboard is easily one of my favorite iPhone apps. I flip through dozens of articles daily and they’re all tailored to my interests. Today I happened across an article saying that B&H Photo was having a sale on Apple’s 5k Retina iMacs. They were offering something like $300 off the base model, which I strongly considered getting, but ultimately, after a day’s worth of deliberation, I decided on upgrading to the model with a 1TB fusion drive. B&H is a certified Apple retailer so I’m getting exactly what I’d get from Apple but I got it for $50 less than the Apple price and didn’t have to pay sales tax on it. The savings from tax was like $154! So in all I saved over $200, not to mention that they threw in a free copy of Parallels 10 with the purchase. That’s like a $70 program. I run Windows 8.1 in Parallels 9 on my MacBook Pro and I love it. I have to imagine that the newest version provides an even better experience.

Now someone might wonder why I got a 5k Retina iMac. It’s not like I actually need one. The long and the short of it is that I wanted it. I’ve wanted an iMac since I got the MacBook Pro and it just so happens that now was the time to strike. For the same configuration of the regular non-retina iMac I would have paid just as much (see below) and with this one I’m getting more VRAM, although from what I’ve read, many prefer the NVIDIA graphics card of the non-retina iMac over the AMD graphics card in the retina for work with Adobe’s creative suite. Time will tell how well it works.

Screenshot 2015-06-10 22.45.37

At the end of the day I don’t need a new computer. I don’t need another computer. The truth is that I got my MacBook Pro because I thought my Toshiba Satellite Pro was ready to give up the ghost. The Toshiba is still functioning; quite well in fact. Whodathunkit? Nobody really needs any of this stuff, but I like it, and while I’ve really come to appreciate Apple products after years of eschewing them, I’m still not read to join the choir of lemmings who think they’re without flaw or God-sent. For me, I like how this stuff looks; I like how it functions; and it helps me to get my work done efficiently. That’s good enough.



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