In the Mail

The other night I came home to discover that my copy of Chris Tilling’s Paul’s Divine Christology had arrived. This is the Eerdmans edition with a foreword by Douglas Campbell. I had the privilege of viewing the proofs and providing some feedback. I look forward to seeing if and how that feedback was taken into consideration in the final printing.

I also received a copy of Adam Ployd’s Augustine, the Trinity, and the Church: A Reading of the Anti-Donatist Sermons from Oxford University Press for review. I’m looking forward to reading Ployd’s argument for Augustine’s ecclesiology being heavily indebted to his Trinitarian theology.


2 thoughts on “In the Mail

  1. Marc: I have not. I recall hearing about the book right before it was published but I haven’t thought about it since then. Have you read it? If so, how was it?

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