Just Ordered

I had a bad time with a couple of bum USB hubs a while back but I’ve decided to get back in the horse and try again. This time I ordered a 4 port USB 3.0 hub with power switches that’s made by Sabrent. The current 4 port hub I use is from them and it has worked perfectly for as long as I’ve had it. I’m hopeful that this one will work just as well. The plan is to mount it under my desk since I’ve got my cable management on fleek and don’t want to disturb anything that’s already going on.

In addition to this I’ve finally ordered a copy of Eerdmans reprint of Chris Tilling’s Paul’s Divine Christology. This edition has a new foreword by Douglas Campbell, and while I was able to view the uncorrected galleys, I had to have my own hard copy. One this arrives I think I will finally have every version of this work that exists, which I’m quite excited about. I had requested a copy for review from Eerdmans but that was quite some time ago and it appears as if they’re not going to be sending one. That’s cool. I don’t mind supporting Chris and Eerdmans by purchasing it. But in the event that I do end up receiving a review copy I’ll be sure to host a giveaway. Once upon a time I had two copies of the Mohr Siebeck edition and I gave the extra to my dear friend Esteban for his birthday. I know that he read it with great profit and enjoyment.

So that’s that. I look forward to getting my stuff on Saturday (gotta love Amazon Prime!).


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