Dueling Duds

So I mentioned the other day how I received a defective USB 3.0 hub. The company that I purchased it from, Jacob’s Parts, sent out a replacement, which I received today, much to my dismay, this unit was defective as well. The first unit I received was defective in that only the first 3 ports closest to the end that the power adapter plugs into worked. I had tried plugging external hard drives, flash drives, and peripherals into the other 4 ports and none of them are recognized. I unplugged the USB hub from the power source and tried it with just my MacBook Pro’s power and that didn’t help the problem. I restarted the computer and changed out the USB 3.0 cable connecting the hub to my MBP and that didn’t help either. And in the process of that all, my computer restarted itself at one point and blacked out—by which I do not mean logged out or went to sleep—two or three times. It was a nerve-racking experience.

I contacted the seller that day and they promptly responded by telling me that they’d send out a new unit that had been tested. I was confident that the replacement unit would function properly. My confidence was misplaced. The results are basically the same. Not all of the ports are working even though I was told that the unit would be tested. When a port does finally work, after plenty of plugging and unplugging, it stops working when something gets plugged into another port. I’ve tried switching out USB 3.0 cables from the hub to the computer; from the external devices (in my case 2 Seagate 1TB external hard drives, 1 Western Digital external hard drive, and 2 24″ Dell monitors, which function as hubs themselves) to the hub and it hasn’t fixed the issue.

I’ve also plugged the replacement hub into a different port on my computer and tested each individual port separately with a 16GB Kingston flash drive. The first 5 hubs didn’t register at all. The last 2 did. Then I went back through and some of the hubs started to pick up the device while others did not. But a product either works properly or it doesn’t and I shouldn’t have to hope and pray that I get a port that feels like picking up my drives and devices when it feels like it. I’d also mention that both units had shallow ports for the AC adapters. Neither AC adapter plugged fully into either USB hub. That was disconcerting because it left me wondering what would happen if there was a power surge or something. Would the unit be vulnerable to sparking in such an instance? I don’t know.

I’ve since began the process of returning both defective units. I suppose that I could technically keep one of them but neither works so it’s not really worth it. I’m also quite displeased that I have to pay the shipping cost to return this item. If bought directly from Amazon this wouldn’t be an issue. They provide labels where the postage has already been paid in the case of defective items. While I appreciate that Jacob’s Parts was prompt and courteous with their customer service, I can assure you that I will likely never purchase products from them again.



2 thoughts on “Dueling Duds

  1. When are you gonna get around to posting some book reviews? You must still have hundreds to review (you get so many!). I have only seen a handful of reviews over the past year. Any plans on some reviews soon? Or have you stopped reviewing books?

  2. Brent: Soon enough. I’ve got one for Peter Orr’s Christ Absent and Present in the works. Also, I’ve posted 5 reviews this year so far. Granted, two of them were for a Logos Bible Software resource, but still…

    Unfortunately, I haven’t worked from home in a few years and I’ve taken on increased responsibilities at my church (serving presently as associate pastor), so my time to read isn’t what it once was and my time to blog has also diminished. So I’ve said all that to say that I doubt that I’ll ever be able to keep up with the pace I set in years past, but I haven’t stopped. I’ve just prioritized.

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