A Great Greek Bible for Cheap

I found out the other day that I was dropped from CBD’s affiliate program. I went to create a link and was informed that my account was “inactive.” Oh well. I guess that happens when you don’t keep up with things. Anyway, I’m still a fan of the company and their services so I thought to let my readers know that the UBS Greek New Testament: A Reader’s Edition with Textual Notes is available for a paltry $9.99 + S&H.

My church purchased a copy of this very edition for me more than a year ago and I can say that it is exquisite. I offered a mini-review of it when I initially received it and my love for this edition has not waned. It exceeds the original (which I have also reviewed here) in every way. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy while this price remains and supplies last. And just know that I’m making nothing off of this deal. My satisfaction comes from knowing that people got their hands on a great resource for cheap.



4 thoughts on “A Great Greek Bible for Cheap

  1. Jennifer: It said the account was “inactive,” which it was for at least a year. I have to imagine that that warranted them dropping me. I’m not mad though. It was good while it lasted.

  2. I saw this in an e-mail from CBD last week and ordered it. It came today and must say that it exceeds all my expectations. It is larger than I expected with a very nice, readable font.

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