In the Mail

I walked outside yesterday morning and saw a box that had been sitting on the porch since presumably Friday night. Inside were copies of Peter Leithart’s Traces of the Trinity: Signs of God in Creation and Human Experience from Brazos Press and the Khaled Anatolios edited The Holy Trinity in the Life of the Church from Baker Academic. Leithart is one of my favorite authors. His insights are always valuable. The edited volume has chapters from some of my other favorites writing on the Trinity and patristic theology like Brian Daley, John Behr, Nonna Verna Harrison, and John Anthony McGuckin to name a few.

From the titles and subtitles of these volumes I’m hoping that the authors address the question of what exactly we “do” with the Trinity. I have my own answer for that but many believers think it’s nothing more than an irrelevant doctrine; something to believe so that they’re not excommunicated and branded a heretic. But the Trinity is so much more and I’m guessing that the authors communicate that as they discuss the Trinity in human experience and the life of the church.



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