Out of Practice

I taught last night’s Bible study at my church. It went well. At least I think it did. But then I stopped by a friend’s house to drop something off and he invited me in to show me his home studio. He’s got a really nice setup. Acoustic foam as far as the eye can see. A keyboard that he’s got connected to ProTools on his iMac. Electric drum kit; really nice microphone sitting in a moveable/adjustable mic booth he made himself. A high quality audio interface and honestly the nicest set of headphones I’ve ever seen or worn.

IMG_1671 IMG_1672

I was really impressed with what he’s got going on down there. He had a friend of his over there engineering some stuff that they were sending off to be mastered. As I was getting ready to leave he kept talking about throwing on a beat and getting me to freestyle. I kept declining. Then he said he wanted to just get me in the booth so he could snap a pic on put it on Instagram saying I came out of retirement. Anyway, to make a long story short, I did come out of retirement and I spit one of the first raps I wrote as a Christian (it was the only one I could remember).

It was fun to do it but man, I’m out of practice! I completely ran out of breath at the end (honestly, I was searching for breath after the first 4 bars) and I felt like I was behind the beat for almost the whole thing. It’s crazy to realize how important rapping regularly and consistently is if you want to do it well. There’s a reason that Lil’ Wayne got good when he was doing a dozen mix tapes a month. Practice makes much better than no practice (it doesn’t make perfect; only God is perfect and nothing makes God). In any event, I wouldn’t say that I’ve got the bug to pick up rapping again, but I’d like to at least be able to breathe right if and when I do!



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