Update As an iPhone User

Nearly two months ago I lamented my switch to the iPhone, wishing that I had stuck with Android because the main features I switched over for just weren’t working. Well, as it turns out, they were never supposed to work before certain iOS updates. So now, nearly two months later, with an updated iOS and OS X, what do I think?

Well, I’m much happier with the integration features now than I was then. It’s a genuine pleasure to be able to send and receive text messages from the computer while I’m working. It saves me the trouble of having to pick up the phone and navigate the small keyboard. Also helpful is the ability to make and receive phone calls from the computer (and keep in mind that what is true of the computer is also true of the iPad). Admittedly, I don’t use this feature nearly as much, but that can be attributed to my aversion to talking on the phone more than anything.

In terms of iOS, I’m used to it on a phone now. It’s okay. Nothing really special to be honest. I’ve seen the review videos of Nexus devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and it looks really cool. Definitely cooler than iOS. I still hate the fact that I have to drag down a notification panel or open an app to see the weather. I really wish the iPhone had a simple weather widget. Keep in mind that the same technology that allows the actual time to be displayed on the clock icon and the date on the calendar icon could theoretically be used to display the temperature on the weather icon. It makes no sense that they don’t do this!

I’ve also done away with SwiftKey for my keyboard of choice. Sure, it had swype, but the swype wasn’t so great and it didn’t seem to learn the way I talk as well as it did when I had it on my Android devices. So I’ve gotten accustomed to the stock iPhone keyboard and I do very well with it. I also appreciate that the predictive text seems to know what I wanna say before I say it. And with two handed texting I’m as fast as lightning. One handed texting is okay, but I still have to log some more practice time before I can call myself efficient.

I still love the camera, which honestly is the best of any phone I’ve ever used. Sure, the megapixel count isn’t anything special, but the image processing is magnificent and the speed of this camera is far beyond what I was used to with any phone I’ve owned prior to this one. I was never much of a phone photographer but now I seem to be snapping pics of pretty much any and everything since it’s so fast and easy.

As far as continuity is concerned, I don’t make use of it at all. I don’t switch working from one device to another in Pages or Keynote or anything else because it’s just not something that’s part of my workflow. Most of that kind of work is done on the computer. I have no use for word processing on a phone. Every now and again I might compose something on the iPad but I haven’t been in a situation where I needed to do a hand off.

Airdrop on the other hand is a feature that I use on a daily basis. Thank the Lord above for being able to do Airdrop between iOS and OS X! That is truly a gift from God! It’s the best way I’ve found to transfer pictures and videos (I hate using iTunes!). Speaking of my hatred for iTunes, I really do hate it. I’ve found that when I plug my phone into the computer it inevitably tells me that I’m missing music (always 100 songs). Then I look through iTunes and a lot of stuff is missing or has duplicates or triplicates!

I’d also add that creating custom ringtones, while possible, is much more work than it should be. On Android they have apps for that, or you can do it on your computer in any audio editing program you choose and simply upload the file to your phone, but with the iPhone you have to go through iTunes, select your song, specify the portion you want, create a completely different type of file, save it outside of iTunes, then load it back into iTunes, and finally sync it to your phone. for this reason I’ve only made 3 or 4 ringtones and I only use 1 of them.

In any event, I’m used to the iPhone now and I’m much happier than I was with it a couple months back. I like being able to FaceTime my daughter’no matter where I’m at. I like that I can send as long of a text message as I want to other iPhone or iPad users with iMessage (but it irks me that there’s no way to finagle sending messages longer than 160 characters without them breaking up into pieces to non-Apple devices). I like how loud the speaker is. I like size of the phone. I like a lot. Will I stick with the iPhone once my lease it up? I can’t say for sure. Depends on what’s out there and what it can do. At the end of the day I’m going to go with whatever suits my needs the best at the moment.



8 thoughts on “Update As an iPhone User

  1. Well all’s well that end’s well. I moved to an iPhone a couple of months ago – just an iPhone 5. It lacks some surprising things that I had thought would have been standard in all phones, but I’m generally happy.

  2. Matthew: I’m glad to hear that you’re generally happy. What’s it lack that you thought it would have? I knew a lot of the limits going in but experiencing them firsthand is much different than simply knowing about them.

  3. I’ve all but decided that at upgrade time, I’ll go with the 6+. I’ve been using iPhone for years and like it, but my hands are big and typing is always a frustration. I figure the bigger screen means a bigger keyboard! I’ll echo your sentiments about the weather–this should be a no brainer! Same with making ringtones–what a freakin’ pain! I guess it’s Apple’s way of forcing the less inclined to the iTunes store. The minor annoyances aside, I’ve always been pleased with the iPhone and look forward to an upgrade!

  4. Jason: One of the main reasons (if not the main reason) I switched from a Galaxy S5 to an iPhone 6 was the size differential. I have smaller hands so the 5.1″ display on the S5 was slightly too large for me to use one-handed. The 4.7″ display on the iPhone 6 is perfect. The 6 Plus’ 5.5″ screen is massive. I held one today and it’s really much bigger than I’d want in a phone. The S5 was as big as I’d be willing to go even though I think the Note 4 and Nexus 6 are really nice. At that size though I’d rather just use a tablet.

  5. Nick: I do worry that its size will be a detriment when carrying it. My iPhone 5 is just right for my pocket, so the 6+ will dwarf that I’m sure! However, I hope the bigger display with be more enjoyable than the transport issue will be annoying. Plus, I like protective cases with silicon in case I drop it, which is inevitable. That will only increase the bulk. I may change my mind before then, but as of right now I think I’m willing to deal with the annoyances.

  6. The main lacking thing that surprised me was that there are no little lights on the phone, alerting you that a text/call/other has happened. On my old Sony Experia the light would be a different colour depending on whether I had an unread text, an unread whatsapp, an unread email, etc. And Samsung do the same. So if my phone had been unattended for a few minutes, I could tell at a glance whether anything had come, without even needing to touch the phone. Or if I didn’t want to attend immediately to a use I was working on something, the little pulsing light would remind me that it was there.

  7. Jason: Just buy bigger pants and you’ll be alright. :-P

    Matthew: There is a way to enable a light for notifications but it’s the same color for every type of notification. No way to enable different colors. It’s also super annoying when the phone rings or an alarm goes off because of how it pulses and flashes. Hopefully Apple will listen to consumers like us and add some features that Android phones have had for years.

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