Just Ordered

I had nearly forgotten that I received a gift certificate from the Westminster Bookstore a little while ago and once I remembered I went to the website and got to shopping. Initially I thought to get Thomas Schreiner’s commentary on Romans in the BECNT series, because well, I don’t have it and I hear it’s brilliant, but ultimately I decided on something else.

I ended up ordering the second volume of Douglas Kelly’s Systematic Theology entitled The Beauty of Christ: A Trinitarian Vision. I have thoroughly enjoyed the portions of the first volume that I’ve read and I’m on board with any systematic theology set that his a trinitarian focus, so this was a must have.

In addition to this I ordered Brian Edgar’s The Message of the Trinity, which is a book that has eluded me for years. I’ve almost purchased it dozens of times but always brushed it to the side for something else. Well, the price was right this time and the two books combined to be almost exactly what I had on the gift certificate. I simply paid for shipping.

I know I’ve been talking about tech quite a bit in recent months, but I’ll never turn away from my first love: BOOKS!!!



2 thoughts on “Just Ordered

  1. Kelly’s 2nd vvolume is very good.

    I never did thank you for the material you sent me: thank you brother.

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