In the Mail

I can’t remember exactly when I heard that Gordon Fee’s NICNT 1 Corinthians volume was being revised but I knew immediately that I wanted it. Well, after however long of a wait, I got my copy today! Eerdmans was good enough to pass along one for review and I will be reading it alongside the original to see where Fee differed from his former self. I’m looking forward to making use of this resource for years to come!



4 thoughts on “In the Mail

  1. Looking forward to this review, particularly your comparisons with the previous volume!

    I read that he removed the verse numbers… I get the rationale but am curious how that works in a commentary!

  2. Lindsay: They’re in there. He prefers to talk about sentences and paragraphs because the concept of verses and verse numbers would have been foreign to Paul. But in actual practice, the translation is numbered with subscripted (rather than superscripted) numbers and we find myriad chapter and verse references in parentheses throughout the course of his commentary.

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