I Need This!

UPDATE: My pastor made an excellent point. People could donate to my church and receive a tax deduction and then the church will provide the equipment for me! Something to ponder!

I mentioned this on Twitter a few minutes ago but it bears repeating. I spent the better part of my day yesterday editing some video footage in Adobe Premiere Pro and even though it wasn’t all the way complete I wanted to render the rough cut and see how everything was coming together. Well, I went to export the file and as soon as Premiere started encoding the video my MacBook Pro heated up to over 200° F! Last time I tried to encode a large video file with Adobe Media Encoder it heated up beyond that point and shut down! So I cancelled the process and have no way to render this video.

But that brings me to my present point; namely that I’m going to need a more powerful machine. I love the MBP for most of the stuff I do with it but the more I get into video editing work the less useful it is. I really need a Mac Pro. The problem is that I can’t afford one at the moment. In order to get a refurbished (which is fine; I honestly wouldn’t get brand new when the refurbs are just as good and a little less expensive) 6 core Mac Pro I need about $3400 (not including tax)! I’d like to get dual 27″ (2560×1440) monitors to go with it but I can survive with my 24″ setup for now.

In any event, you have not because you ask not, so I thought I’d ask if anyone wanted to help out. You never know; I may have a silent reader who has been waiting to bless me for years and was looking for the right opportunity to do so. I may have several readers who would all like to make small (or large) donations towards the cause. I don’t know. One thing I do know is that I don’t do this stuff for my personal enjoyment, nor do I turn a profit off of it. My labors are for the ministry and trust me, if my church could afford it, I’d already have it.

I wish I had a non-profit set up where people could receive tax credit for helping me out. In truth, I need to get that ball rolling since I’m ordained now and can make that a reality. I’m just waiting to hear from the Lord on the few things before I go that direction. But that’s fodder for another post to be written at another time. In any event, if anyone wants to buy me a Mac Pro, I’d appreciate it. Thanks! ;-)



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