Just Ordered

It became apparent to me a little while ago that I needed a new bag to house my tech. I have a fairly large briefcase that my sister got me shortly after I was born again in 2002. The problem with that bag is that it’s not really laid out for my present needs. The laptop compartment was never wide enough for my 17″ Toshiba Satellite Pro, and while just the right width for my 15″ MacBook Pro, there’s way too much dead space in the rest of that compartment. The other parts of the bag are for files and pens/pencils/knick knacks.

So a few months ago my sister gave me another briefcase that she used when she was in school but has since been collecting dust. This is what I’ve been using and it has been okay. The MacBook fits in there perfectly. No complaints there. In the same compartment there’s space for notebooks, files, papers, even a book or two. The issue is the other compartment that is supposed to hold everything else. There’s just not enough room for all the things I need to have with me when I bring my tech out of the house.

So after spending a couple of weeks toiling over what bag to get to meet my needs I decided to go with an Everki Glide laptop backpack. Initially I was looking at the Spigen New Coated 2 backpack but after watching some review videos I decided against it because I didn’t much care for the placement of the top handle and I found the Everki bags more pleasing to the eye. But after deciding on Everki as a brand I had to ask myself whether or not I wanted a briefcase or a backpack. I ended up going with the backpack because it seems to have more room than the briefcases I was looking at and it has better mobility. I figure that I already have a couple of briefcases if I ever need to go that route.

So this thing will be here Wednesday and I’ll pack it up with my stuff and see how everything fits. Can’t wait!



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