Mark of the Beast

A kid I used to go to church with came in the barbershop I work in a couple weeks ago and started spouting off about microchips and the mark of the beast. I don’t think the mark of the beast necessarily has anything to do with microchips but the devil is crafty. Do you really think he’d be so obvious as to set up a system whereby the world is being told to implant chips into their bodies? That would raise a huge red flag to most anyone (and I’m aware that tracking chips already exist and some people use them for pets and babies and whatever).

Rather, I suggested that chips would be futile since most folks are already cellphone users. Why implant a chip under our skin when we’ve already got a mobile device glued to our hands? We’ve been conditioned to see cellphones as a necessity (they’re not; we got along just fine with land lines before the advent of cellular technology) and whether or not we have our GPS turned on we can be tracked. Our cameras can be accessed. Our information viewed. And a good deal of people, even in the developing world, have cellphones.

Again, the devil is crafty. Why go for something so obvious as an implant when the same technology is already in place? That’s if you think the mark has something to do with technology in the first place. I don’t, for the record, but if I did then I’d throw out my mobile devices immediately and find me a tent meeting in West Virginia somewhere. I hear they don’t have technology down there. Just serpents to handle and moonshine to set your bowels ablaze.



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