Dueling Series

If I may give a brief summary of how Peter Enns’ “Aha Moments” series and Michael Kruger’s “Does the Bible Ever Get It Wrong?” series read to me.

Enns’ Series: I came to the Bible with the wrong idea about how the Bible should be. Now I know better. I’m so bright.

Kruger’s Series: The Bible’s not wrong. You are. You should have considered that you were wrong before you lost your faith.


1 thought on “Dueling Series

  1. Oh no! Somebody thinks differently about the Bible than me, maybe instead of one, both, or neither of us being mistaken, I think that people who disagree with me don’t have faith because reasons…

    Both sides of debates do that more and more. I think its a technique learned from modern journalism.

    Roger Olson and Greg Boyd do it with Calvinism (and I’m not a Calvinist), “Their God is like, totally a worse person than I think God should be, therefore he is more like Satan.” Essentially accusing the whole other side of idolatry. Ha! Forget their discipleship under Jesus, their faith in God, or their cognitive assent to the resurrection…they disagree with me.

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