The Logos Mobile App Strikes Again

I’ve been a fan of Logos’ mobile app for as long as I’ve been using it (roughly two years now). It’s incredibly helpful to have my entire Logos library in hand for any number of reasons. Today, for example, a coworker had a question about biblical geography, or more specifically, why the Bible focuses so much on the Middle East and doesn’t say anything about people from other parts of the world. I assured him that it did mention folks from other parts of the world and I used Acts 2 as an example since it mentions Jews gathered for Pentecost from all over the world.

Then I pulled up the Holman Book of Biblical Charts, Maps, and Reconstructions. We thumbed through some of the maps and looked at where all the nations mentioned in Acts 2 were. It was really helpful to have the visual aid ready and waiting at the press of a button. Here’s one of the maps we looked at:

So just to reiterate: the Logos mobile app is AWESOME!!! If you don’t have it then get it. The app honestly makes buying one of their base library packages worth the money. And they’re not even paying me to say this!



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