What Did I Ever Do To Amazon?

I’ve just checked my Amazon affiliates account and discovered that this month 25 items have been ordered through links I’ve created or sessions started from clicking on links I’ve created. As it stands, I’m only getting paid for 3 of these items. Now it’s entirely possible that the other 22 haven’t shipped, and once they do I’ll receive credit, but I doubt it.

This has been going on for well over a year. Possibly two. I once inquired why it was that I wasn’t getting paid for items ordered through my account and I was told that they were “personal” orders. I assured Amazon that this wasn’t possible; that I hadn’t placed any of the orders that were being considered “personal.” For those who don’t know, Amazon doesn’t allow its affiliates to receive a commission on items that they purchase for themselves, which is completely understandable.

In any event, I was told that they “knew” that these were “personal” orders and that they couldn’t tell me how they knew because it was proprietary information. I was also told not to inquire about it anymore since they had spoken and their answer was final. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how orders that are placed from accounts that are not my own; paid for by means that are not my own; and received by people who are not me; can be in any way considered “personal.”

I’ve learned to grin and bear it but it’s really annoying to go to the trouble of creating these links and directing people to Amazon only to end up being shafted. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m grateful for the program and that I’ve been allowed to be a part of it for all these years. I’m grateful for all the payouts, which I wouldn’t have had otherwise, but right is right and it ain’t right to not pay an affiliate for generating sales that they should receive payment for. 

At times I get upset enough to want to quit the program altogether on principle. But then I think that I’d rather not cut my nose off to spite my face. Still though, it’s incredibly frustrating to not receive something that’s been fairly earned, and then be given no real explanation as to why it’s happening. In any event, I appreciate those of you who continue to order products through my links, and I’d suggest you continue to do so on the off chance that I might receive credit for them.

I’m done ranting. Thanks for listening.



4 thoughts on “What Did I Ever Do To Amazon?

  1. Interesting (and frustrating). What if they think people are purchasing through you only to “support” you (rather than being a result of your review, etc)? Maybe those would be considered purchases of friends/family, do they disqualify that kind of purchase?

  2. I used be showing about 10 to 20 orders a month from Amazon; then many orders began to disappear from reports and finally none were showing up at all. I contacted Amazon several times about this, but they have denied that they are not giving me credit for orders placed, although they did say that they do not allow orders by “friends”. In the past year I have been credit for only about 5 orders, thus I am assuming that they are considering almost anyone who orders through my website to orders from “friends”. Someone on one of the forums said that they often in such cases only allow credit from new customers, and that if a person orders through your site more than once, then they are considered to be orders of “friends”.

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