Just Ordered

I just ordered a Blue Microphones Yeti USB mic along with a generic pop filter. I’ve had my eye on the Yeti for a while but the price just dropped about $15 for the silver model (which is the one I’ve been eyeing) so after much consideration I struck while the iron was hot.

Having my computer in clamshell mode is great for saving space but it does come with its limitations, one of them being that the built-in microphone is obstructed. I can still record myself but the quality is not nearly as good as if the computer was open and directly in front of me.

So I decided that I’d get a USB mic for when I want to record myself or for making Skype (audio) calls (now I just need a webcam). I’m seriously considering getting into podcasting so a microphone is essential for that. We’ll see what happens once I get it. I’ll still have to do some research and see how a proper podcast is set up.

Anyway, thanks to my friends and family for the Amazon gift cards that made this purchase possible!



4 thoughts on “Just Ordered

  1. I’ve been podcasting for over a year now – feel free to hit me up if you want (though I know you’re totally capable of figuring it out yourself).

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