Just Ordered

I just ordered a few Bibles from the Westminster Bookstore. I got two ESV Psalters (brown TruTone & brown/walnut TruTone over board) and two ESV Reader’s Bibles (cloth over board & black TruTone), all of which are newly published by Crossway. I wanted to get the Reader’s Bible as soon as I found out about it but I decided to wait until the Westminster Bookstore had the Psalter on sale. To my great surprise they’re offering the Psalter at half price, just like the Reader’s Bible!

Two psalters are for me and my daughter. The Reader’s Bibles are for me and someone to be named later. Maybe a blog giveaway; maybe a friend; maybe a stranger in need of a Bible. We’ll see. But at the current price I couldn’t not get a couple! So if you’re interested in some attractive new Bibles for cheap, click the links above and get to ordering! Plus, ordering through those links helps me to earn gift certificates for future purchases, and that at no extra cost to the clicker!



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