Silver and Gold

I work with a bunch of unbelievers. Inevitably, stupid hypothetical dilemmas get posed to me in attempt to get me to renounce my morals, and then I get accused of being a liar when I don’t answer as expected. For example, today one of my coworkers asked if I’d have sex with Beyoncé if she offered me 5 million dollars. I said no. What’s more is that I said I wouldn’t have sex with any woman who is not my wife for any amount of money regardless of her physical appearance or financial status.

My coworker called me a liar and said that I’d definitely do it if I was put in that situation. He said that if I knew that no one would find out that I’d go for it. I explained to him that God would know. What sense does it make for me to worry about what mere creatures think about me and not worry about what God thinks? He couldn’t grasp the concept that it’s possible to love God more than sex and money. There’s a reason for that, of course; he’s an unbeliever; he hates God. Paul said that mind set on the flesh is at enmity with God.

But as someone who has had both sex and money on the one hand, and God on the other, I’d choose God every time. He’s better. But the kicker is that when you put God first you can have the others as well. Sex is to be enjoyed in the covenant of marriage. Money is procured by hard work (or at least it’s most appreciated when it’s gained in this way). But at the end of the day God has to be number one. As I was engaged in the conversation I couldn’t help but hear the Kirk Franklin song “Silver and Gold,” which I post for your listening pleasure below.



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