Just Ordered

So yesterday was my birthday and I received a few Amazon gift cards from friends and family. I decided to purchase a couple of things to help me with my computing. One friend hoped that I wouldn’t spend any of the gift card he got me on Mac stuff so I’ve set his to the side and used part of my other gift card revenue to get the current order. Anyway, I got a Rain Design mTower for my MacBook Pro and a couple of extra USB 3.0 cables.

Faithful readers will remember that I recently acquired a Rain Design mStand for my MBP. That one allows me to have the laptop elevated to a comfortable viewing height and crates some space underneath for storage. I love it. The issue I have is not with the mStand but with the lack of space on my desk. I’ve put together a crude representation of my current setup (the real stuff is quite a bit different from the pictured stuff), which looks something like this:


On each side of the MBP that sits atop the mStand is a 24″ Dell monitor. The one on the left is set in landscape position while the one on the right is in portrait position. The problem I have is that I really only use the MBP monitor and the monitor on the left. The other one is just kind of there. I thought it would be great to have for composing in Notes or MS Word, but I find myself not needing to see the entire page. It is nice to be able to see an entire page when reading a PDF but ultimately, it’s unnecessary since I end up scrolling anyway. So the new mTower will allow me to do something like this:


I’ll have the two Dell monitors side by side in landscape mode with the MBP serving as a desktop tower of sorts. When I need it on the go I’ll unplug everything and remove it from the stand just like I do now. I will be losing a monitor, but I’m not using one of the bigger ones as much as I’d like, so I think it’s a tradeoff I can live with. And the great thing about having both stands is that I’ll be able to switch between them and alter my setup whenever the mood strikes me.

The one thing I’m seriously contemplating since the MBP will be closed is getting an Apple Magic Trackpad. I’ve grown accustomed to a lot of the trackpad gestures and I’d hate to lose them. Also, when the time comes to get an iMac I would have gotten a trackpad anyway, so this just speeds up the process while allowing me to get a Magic Mouse when I do pull the trigger on the iMac.



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