Stick to the Script

I have a cousin who’s been in and out of the Nation of Islam for the better part of 20 years. When I was a new believer we used to speak all the time and an argument usually ensued. Over the years I’ve tried to keep our conversations away for religion with varying degrees of success. We’ll, we spoke last night and I broached the subject of religion and it turned into a whole thing.

When I say a whole thing I mean that he launched into the same sermon I’ve been hearing for the better part of 20 years. He recited the same arguments nearly word for word that he’s recited countless times before. He presented the same distorted version of history that I’ve heard him present countless times before. He offered the same eisegetical reading of scripture that he’s offered countless times before.

In short, he’s memorized a script and he’s sticking to it. I’ve offered all sorts of correction over the years but it’s fallen on deaf ears. Last night was no different. It can be discouraging at times but I’m hopeful that God will grab a hold of him at some point. I know that God is greater than any argument I can present, whether it’s an appeal to the facts of recorded history, or an appeal to personal experience. At the end of the day God has a script that he’s sticking to and I’m just praying that it includes the salvation of my cousin.



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