Just Ordered

So I’ve been toiling over whether or not to get a 27″ WQHD (2560×1440) monitor to hook my MacBook Pro up to. Right now it’s plugged into a 23″ HD (1920×1080) Acer monitor and I really have no complaints other than the monitor isn’t able to take full advantage of the MBP’s retina display. Well, that and the fact that I’m sharing the monitor between the MBP and my Toshiba Satellite Pro.

But I digress. The reason a WQHD monitor appealed to me, aside from the crisp display, is because I do a decent amount of work in Photoshop and having all of that screen real estate to work with would be a dream. It would also be useful for when I’m multitasking (e.g., writing a book review in Pages while having my internet browser and Bible software open).

There were a couple of things that I was looking for, in particular a monitor with multiple digital inputs (either HDMI, DVI, or DisplayPort) and the ability to be used in portrait or landscape mode. I was also in the market for something with a variety of mounting options but that wasn’t a deal breaker.

There were two WQHD 27″ monitors that fit the bill: The Nixeus NX-VUE27D and the Dell U2713HM. Both have the same resolution and both can be rotated to portrait or landscape mode. The Dell has more than one mounting option; the Nixeus doesn’t. But the major difference between them is the $200 price gap! Dell is a name I know and trust but I’ve never heard of Nixeus and even the positive reviews on this particular monitor didn’t inspire confidence.

So after mulling it over, praying, counting the costs, and discussing the matter with my dad (who’s a computer guy), I decided that spending over $400 on a single monitor was unwise at this time. I did however convince myself that spending between $400-$500 on dual monitors was doable. So I decided to purchase two Dell P2414H monitors.

Why two HD monitors instead one WQHD? Quite simply, they’ll provide more workspace, and for what I mainly do the super hi-definition isn’t necessary at the moment. I also plan to get an iMac in the next year or two so that will take care of my desire for a 27″ screen with 2560×1440 resolution. And I’m going to have my dad build me a Windows system in the next couple of years that will also likely have a WQHD monitor.

But in addition to the monitors I had to get something to put them on. As it stands I have no room to work on my desk. It’s fantastic for shelving books, but when I need to crack one open and actually look at it on the desk, I’m fighting for space with keyboards, mouse pads, and various items that get removed from my pocket when I come into the room. So I’ve also purchased a small desk to put the MBP and the monitors on. That will provide extra space on each desk.

So this was all just my drawn out way of saying that I just ordered a couple of 24″ Dell monitors and a desk to put them on. As they say in Alcoholics Anonymous: Thanks for listening.



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