Samsung, I Hate You!

So for those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I announced the other day that I upgraded my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S5. I was due for an upgrade for over a month and I had been heavily considering getting an iPhone to match the MacBook Pro and iPad Air I recently acquired. But I’ve handled iPhones before and I’m not a fan. I don’t like how small the screens are and I don’t like that I can’t expand the memory. So rather than wait for the rumored iPhone 6 to come out with a larger screen I decided to call Sprint and see what they had to offer.

I had asked about a Motorola Moto X since my friend Robert Jimenez highly recommended it. They told me that wasn’t an option. So I opted for the Samsung Galaxy S5 after watching a couple of positive reviews on YouTube. Well, Sprint took quite a while to ship the phone to me (I ordered on Saturday and it arrived today). In the interim I had watched and read a number of other reviews. Many of them were negative. They all complained about the TouchWiz skin and the cheap plastic parts used to make the phone. They said it got laggy when you typed fast. So on and so forth.

So I began to doubt my decision. I called Sprint last night to see if I could return the phone unopened and avoid the restocking fee. I also explained to the very nice and super-helpful woman Donna that I had originally wanted a Moto X but they told me it wasn’t available. She asked why they told me that when it was in fact available! So then she told me that I have 14 days to play with the phone and see if I like it. If not I can return it, with no restocking fee (!), and get something else. When she called this evening to activate the new phone for me she said I have 60 days to use it since I’m on a business account!

So I activated the phone and it was all going good. I’m signed into Google; all of my apps were automatically downloaded; I arranged the screens the way I like them; etc. And then it happened… I got a message saying, “Unfortunately Samsung Link has stopped working.” I usually just say okay and don’t report but I figured that I should report this one since it’s a brand new phone. So I did and the message persisted. And when I say persisted I mean literally every half second. I couldn’t do anything without this message popping up. So I did the only thing I knew to do: I Googled it!

I was led to a forum and this is happening on a bunch of Samsung devices! Thank God for the one contributor who said to download Total Commander from the Play Store and uninstall the app in between tapping “okay” when the message popped up. I was able to do it and I think everything is working now. But this doesn’t bode well for me keeping this phone. The skin doesn’t bother me. Neither does the physical features. But this bugged up app does and it’s a Samsung specific app! Shame on them for not testing their software better!

So I’m going to give the phone a little time and see what happens. As of now I have every intention on probably returning it and getting a Moto X. We’ll see what happens between now and then.



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