In the Mail

Bultmann, Bultmann, Bultmann! Fortress Press was good enough to send along review copies of Rudolf Bultmann’s New Testament & Mythology: And Other Basic WritingsWhat Is Theology?; and Rudolf Bultmann: Interpreting Faith for the Modern Era edited by Roger A. Johnson.

Bultmann is one of the clearest writers I’ve ever read. I’ve often wished that his German (speaking) counterparts in systematic theology would have taken a page out of his book but guys like Barth, Jüngel, Pannenberg, and Moltmann seemed bent on using more words than necessary to make their points, which at times (in Moltmann’s case, almost always!) were convoluted anyway!

Not so with Bultmann. He was concise, easy to understand, and quite brilliant! It is the clarity with which he wrote that makes it so easy to disagree with him, and trust me, that’s a good thing. If we’re to disagree with someone, let it be because we understand exactly what they’re saying and not because we’re confused.

So I look forward to devouring all of these as time allows.



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