In the Mail

I got home from work and found two impeccably packed boxes from Europe. The first one I opened was from Peeters in Belgium. This contained copies of Jacob Chanikuzhy’s Jesus, the Eschatological Temple and Studies in the Gospel of John and Its Christology, a Festschrift for Gilbert Van Belle edited by Joseph Verheyden and others.

The second package was from Mohr Siebeck in Germany and had copies of Graham Stanton’s Studies in Matthew and Early Christianity as well as David Aune’s Jesus, Gospel Tradition and Paul in the Context of Jewish and Greco-Roman AntiquityBoth volumes are collected essays from each respective author and appeal in the illustrious WUNT series.

I don’t know what it is about Europeans, but they sure do know how to package books! All four volumes arrived in pristine condition! And let me just take a moment to commend Mohr on the simple elegance of their covers. There are no books on the face of the earth that I find more aesthetically pleasing. Well done!



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