Thoughts on Dave Barron/Chris Tilling Discussion, Part 1

Mike Felker emailed me last week and asked if I had listened to the recent discussion between Dave Barron and Chris Tilling on the subject of divine Christology in Paul, and if so, would I be commenting on it on my blog. I hadn’t planned to say anything initially, but after toying around with the headset I got my daughter for her PS3, I thought I  might as well go ahead and record some thoughts. Those thoughts are below.

I’d ask you to forgive me for the scattered nature of my comments and the seeming unpreparedness of them as well. I was going off of my memory of the Theopologetics Podcast, Episode 113, which I listened to almost two weeks ago and didn’t take notes on. I’d also ask forgiveness for the constant nose breathing you’ll hear on the recording. Apparently the mic is more sensitive than I had originally thought!

After listening to the playback I realized that there were a few things that I could have said better or articulated more clearly and there were other things that I had originally wanted to say but had forgotten about in the process of recording. There are also things that I didn’t think to say until after I had gotten done recording. So a part 2 will be forthcoming in which I hope to discuss the role of Deuteronomy in 1 Corinthians 8-10 in a bit more detail. I’d also like to say more about Malachi 2:10. And if I can remember, I’d love to lay out my thoughts about divine agency more thoroughly.

Until then, here’s what I have to say:″

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