In the Mail

De Gruyter sent along a copy of Brandon D. Crowe’s The Obedient Son: Deuteronomy and Christology in the Gospel of Matthew for review. There’s an interesting story to go with this review copy. I had requested it last year via an online form and I received no response from De Gruyter. I simply assumed that the request was denied and I didn’t give it a second thought. These things happen from time to time.

So I contacted the publisher directly a couple of weeks ago to inquire about another title and I mentioned this one as well. I was met with a response and told that I had already received it. I assured them that I hadn’t even though I had previously requested it, so they were kind enough to send a replacement, assuming that something happened in its original shipping. And it arrived today to my great delight!

Crowe brings together three of my favorite things: Deuteronomy, Christology, and the Gospel according to Matthew! I can’t wait to give it a thorough reading!



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