In the Mail

I found a box on the porch this morning from Wiley Blackwell containing a copy of The Blackwell Companion to Paul edited by Stephen Westerholm. This was a delightful find but it should have been accompanied by a copy of The Blackwell Companion to Jesus, which was requested at the same time. That book, however, was not present and accounted for.

I contacted the publisher to check to see if both books were shipped together or if something else is going on and I’m just waiting to hear back. Unfortunately, the book was delivered last night and I didn’t know about it. It’s entirely possible that someone snagged the other book off of my porch even though I find it unlikely since this volume was untouched.

Whatever the case, I’m quite pleased to receive this resource. I’ve already skimmed Gathercole’s chapter on Paul’s Christology and MacDonald’s chapter on Women in Paul’s letters. Both appear to be helpful although I will have a couple of critical words for Gathercole when the time comes (not that he gets anything wrong; I just think his emphases may be a bit misplaced). More anon…



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